It snowed outside today. It was really random to me because I can't remember the last time it snowed in December. I wasn't thinking it would come down this early. My thing has always been warm weather, ever since I was able to understand what a season was. Cookouts, riding my bike, the pool, sitting outside on my porch, and most importantly--the beach. Something tweaked me a while back, I've came to realize that seasons are more of a state of mind than a time period. Music is movement, and I believe music can put you there. It could be something else like clothes, or a T.V. show, or a drink, etc. Remember when Common's "Universal Mind Control" was called "Invincible Summer"? He said it was an album made for the Summer, and it had like a June/July release date. Then he moved it to like November which really made it Autumn or Fall or whatever you call it. At this point, he still had it named "Invincible Summer". He said that the over all feeling will take you back to June. That's my whole premise right now.

One song that really puts me in that vibe is Sugar Ray's "Someday". I was working the aisle in Giant during the summer, one thing about grocery stores is that there playlist plays the same stuff over and over again. So "Someday" played at least 3 times a day. I would ask myself, "What is this song, it's old, but I love it". Found out the name, and it has been my song to wake up to in the morning ever since. Now it's one of my favorite songs of all time. The feeling and melody brings me to relax and dream of the board walk or a sandy beach. The video also pulls me in that zone as well, only if it was in color. I'm more in my happier moods 80% of the time during the Summer. Another song that does it to me is....

Dom Kennedy dropped his free mixtape last Summer called "FutureStreet/DrugSounds. Out of curiosity I downloaded it, and I had my Summer music set. The whole mixtape has songs for the Summer, but "Where I Belong" reminds me of riding down Georgia Avenue heading to Florida Avenue to shop at Commonwealth to look for some shorts to sport at the next cookout. I lied about the "next cookout" part, because none of my friends pull anything cool like that-but you get the idea. I'm really planning to make the Summer of 2010 memorable, starting with the money-then planning the trips-than the cookouts-and especially the beach. Until then I have my swimming trunks and my CD player in car with Will Smith's "Summertime" queued up. As obvious as the song is, it's really one of my Summertime favorites.

summa summa summa tiiiimmee,


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