Maestro Knows: Season 3-Episode 1

Who doesn't Maestro know? How he gets these connections is way beyond my imagination. This episode put a deep smile one my face, the song he decided to use was Consequence's old gem featuring Kanye West & Little Brother called "I See Now". It's been one of my favorite high school songs off of the G.O.O.D. Music Second Semester mixtape. I think it was that one. Or was it the Class of 2006? What made me even more ecstatic was that I JUST added this song to the blog playlist like a couple of days ago. Here he hangs with the producer of the song 9th Wonder, who is in my top 5 for favorite producers. The dope thing is 9th is making the beat for the intro of Maestro Knows:Season 3. Wicked.



S.B.-I think the episode with Jonathan Mannion is the best.

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