I always love myself for the array of friends I have on and off campus, especially the females. There's always something going on.....and food to eat. Friends of mine Alex and Octavia invited Winslow and I to their Pre-Thanksgiving dinner that they had in their room. Didn't have to hassle about thoughts of dinner with an empty fridge---wicked. By the way that IS Alex and that IS NOT her child. His name is Nas-yup you heard me.

One thing you have to learn about special invitations like these is that you aren't the only one receiving the special invitation. There are others that they love too. On the real and wholesome, I get real "ehhhh" when I say other people with their special invites. This case wasn't a problem for me because these were all people that I put 5 on it with....lol sorry.

That's Octavia back there putting her foot and shoulders back behind the counter. Yeah, that girl worked hard lol.

That's beef stew in the pot that's closed. It was cooked by Dennis and his boys, contrary to what you MAY be thinking---that stew was hella guud.

The hunters await their prey. That's Dennis on the left.

That there is all me, weight gain is a must for me. Everything was very good, I tip the hat to the ladies how threw it down on Sunday. They had me ready to say "screw going home". It was no use after having a meal like that, plus my family is now going out to eat for Thanksgiving? What the? Then some other part of the family is eating with the church, another part is eating some other place and blah. My family is better than that. I'm going to be every where tomorrow. Going to visit my Dad's side of the family again as well as meet a new family. Yea stay tuned.

get ready,


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