gch-live a little

I should adapt to this song title a little more, nice to see GCH doing something. To be honest I think these guys feel off with this "The Quilt" album. Their talent seems to be handled by someone else who's sound is in a different league. I mean yea, venture out try new things but LORD don't just hand them your quality and make it theirs. They had The Dream and Cool and Dre on "The Quilt", it didn't sound like a GCH album nor did it sound like a Cool and Dre/Dream produced album. Sounded like some Khaled ish to be honest lol. No hate to them though, GCH is #3 right under Fall Out Boy. The Papercut Chronicles helped me, and As Cruel as School Children was like my celebration. I just wasn't feeling THe Quilt that's all, I did buy it though. Live A Little is like a sort of release through out the CD. They got something coming out in 2010 called The Invasion of Dummies In P.E.. That's what I like to hear, that school concept is their grail. Don't let me down Travis!

we'll get high


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