mama miiiaaaaa.....(in italian voice)

..nah really. Mama Mia! Take out your pens and notepad for I am about to drop some knowledge of [slick]. MY TWO FAVORITE FOODS OF ALL TIME ARE:FRIED CHICKEN & CHEESESTEAKS. As far as fried chicken, I get it the wings from the grocery store, from my mom, my grandma, and hey-I cook it myself. Cheesesteaks though?! I got t be selective of where I go for those. Sunny's has the some good ass fried chicken and I hear that their cheesesteaks are on point. I can't risk it though! The only place I get cheesesteaks from righteously are Jerry's and The Bears Den. But, Carl recently cursed my life by taking me to Mama Mia's about a week ago. Since I got to school that has been all he's talked about. Now we used to fool with Roma's cheesesteak religiously. It just stopped, but the love has been brought back with Mama Mia's. I trust this guy when it comes to food, and yes--Mama Mia's has got to be the grail of cheesesteak spots of all time. I've already had about three cheesesteaks from there. Soo good that I added onions to the mix. NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!

This is the last half of my latest cheesesteak that I got from Mama Mia's. On the real, I could go for one right now, but for the sake of my arteries, I'm going to give it a break...

...and you remember Coldstone Cuvilly? Yea, as we were on our Coldstone date-she told me that she had never had a cheesesteak before in her life. After discovering the land of all lands. I had to bring her a long for our next ride. Now, she's dreaming of pickles with double meat....

..welcome cuvilly,


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Timothy C. Pitts said...

yall are DEFINITELY down the block from keontay's house...that is the HOOD right there lmfao!!!