cathing up with slicktalk.

I have recorded a lot of stuff that I intended for a SlickTalk 7. Never really got around to forming it though. When I say that it's this computer of mine that is holding back....smh. I made this one on Mekka's computer, thanks shawdii. But this video is quick, shows where I've been fromt the last SlickTalk to now. I've a bunch of "QuickSlicks"..you know, the one in where it starts and it goes "*bump*....SLICK!!". Tired of those. This was actually about to be a QuickSlick, but I felt that since all this stuff was intended for SlickTalk-why not make it a SlickTalk...spin-off. I actually formatted and fixed about 3 times. It shows my passion for it! I feel like Kanye. But it's the second spin-off in the row though..NOT good. If you recall well the last SlickTalk was The Lost Tapes. It's time to get up to date with my stuff. I hate asking people for their stuff, but I just may have to borrow some lappys until I finally can get my own. It felt good making this video and I miss the feeling. As far as SlickTalk the series itself. Im going to make about four more so I can have a solid 10 episodes. I plan to switch thing up once after. Until then I hope you guys enjoy what I have and what I'm going to give.



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