Thai & I

Thais, that's quick family. You have some people that you automatically click with. She just so happened to be one of them. But with her being Winslow's bff, its not a surprise at all. With all the extensive help that she gave out for Ashlee's birthday, I had to show some love.

One thing I noticed when I first say Thais was her tattoos. She's has a semi sleeve going on. Now people normally throw together a bunch of jargon for a sleeve. Big dragons and shit like that. Something really stood out with hers. Despite me being slightly buzzed, I said she had to explain the meaning of her tatts.

It says, "The heart has reason, that reason knows not". The heart loves, but sometimes it doesn't know why it loves. You may love a person who treats you like trash and doesn't give what you deserve. Why love the person? That's right, you don't know. Thais had a relationship that went along those lines. That's what the tattoo represents. Any tattoo for someone is love. That's bond. I dig the font of the lettering too, dope.

Like this one alot! Nkosi means "Prince" in an African language. I think it's Swahili. She gave this name to her younger brother, and today it stand as his middle name. The heart to the right, which is ultra dope because of the color, was simply design to go along with Nkosi.

I definitely saved the best for last!!!!! This is by far one of the greatest tattoos I have ever seen. Everyone knows that I'm not big on getting a tatt, but if i were it would go along these lines. The tatt has two meanings, well from what I got from it. Metamorphesis, change, growing. Coming up from a hard time. The butterflies give that meaning a long with the thorns. This tatt was also used to hide pain. That's all you need to know

This tattoo goes along with the thorn tattoo. I love em all.



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