[mickey] & [maddy]

I got bundles of joy everywhere. I think GOD has purpose for me and all of these lovely women I have in my life. He recently blessed me with two beautiful baby girls who makes me smiiiiiiilllleee with my hearrrtt...oh..lol.

On June 7th 2009, I made this post. As of today, Maddyson is growing to be a gorgeous child. That's my homie though. She chilled with Uncle [slick] and watched the Jay-Z concert at the Madison Square Garden. AWWW SHIT!! Get it?!?!? Maddyson-Madison, oooohhh the imagery and sublime! One thing I noticed, she loves to be carried and walked around. Plus she's getting started on the cartoon train. She zoned out watching Spongebob was she laid on me. Lol, I've only seen her twice since she's been born and I need to see her more. Enough said.

Then we have my God-Daughter and pride of joy, Mikayla Rose Musya. This girl crosses my mind EVERY day. I can't wait to go home this weekend and pay her a much needed visit. When I say this girl is going to be on all types of lookouts and security watches---my GOD! The amount of cousins and uncles if off the chain. Our murk game is very proper, so please dont be insubordinate and act accordingly. She's growing and I need to capture every moment of it. Juhstys is here for that!

THE BEST PIC OF ALL TIME!!!! (kanye west voice lol),


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