Catching up on some muzaack...

With all of the album comotion I got going on, I figured I break down on some Lupe. My second biggest album I'm hyped for under the already copped Blueprint 3. Lu opens up on the company not even backing him on his stuff. Little do they know his album is so important today. Maybe that's the reason why he get's soo secluded. Or maybe he's just clyde. Yea he's just clyde. After this I do sometimes fear for Lupe's well-being. Being as skilled as he is and coming at the big-wigs wigs aren't a good mix. But hey, he's not one to shut up; that's fine with me. His next single is title Army Girl, dropping hopefully November. If there is a God-given plan where I can NOT hear the track until the album drops, then I'm with it. Because Run This Town wasn't happening lol.

It's that time again!!

It's that time again. Once I find out the release date for this "new album" is, it's on and poppin'. A while back I posted the boys performing a new song live called "Soldier" with Santigold and Lil Wayne. Not to fond of the Wayne feature, but hey-new N.E.R.D. doesn't come your way all the time. So on October 13th, take a trip back her for the download. It's supposed to drop on the 90210 soundtrack. I'm not buying no washed-up show soundtrack for one song. Entourage, maybe.

Live performance of the track!

I already listened to the live track plenty of times. I doubt it would ruin the actual feel for when the studio cut drops. I'm going to let it rock until it drops. Lol.

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