The Hip Hop Elite!

I really trying to get colorful with what I post on my blog. Not just pictures of what I'm doing, not jus music, not just YouTube videos. I'm trying to aim for the known, and the unknown more importantly. My boy Mazon is at it again, this time he's hitting hard with some companions. To keep the thrill of Formula One sizzling, Mazon along with my boys Debo, Mez, as well as a gang of other cats came up with a hip hop universe for the Morgan State campus.

The Hip Hop Elite, I honestly believe Morgan needed something like this. They had their first meeting last week on Thursday. By the turnout of the meeting, this thing is definitely going to be big. Sing, rap, record, produce, mix, engineer, take pictures, if you have a talent and would like to dedicate it to the art of hip hop, The Hip Hop Elite is where you belong. There are lead panelist, but this is more of a brother/sisterhood thing. It's a collective effort to get our art, yea I said OUR, meaning that I'm with the movement. The talent is there, some people will grow for OKAY to better artist, some will grow from good to greater artist. It's all in the hussle and passion, that's what the Elite is there for. Check the internet site out here The Hip Hop Elite. If you're interested, hit the blog up, hit me up, holla at ya Mazon and get with it.



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