I've seen it all over blogs and what not, I just can't find myself to watch it. There's a buzz about a boy from Chicago named Derrion Albert, 16, was beaten to death by three others last Thursday. For what reason I don't know, it's just plain stupid. There is a video floating around with the actual beating happen. I can't watch it and I wont. I got a weak area for stuff like that. But I'm making this post to show how crazy our world is, stuff like this happens everday. I may not even hear about it, but when I do I'm disgusted. The homie was an honor roll student, in church, doing his life some justice. Niggas are going to hate and do what they do to shut your shine down. Make sure you keep you loved ones close and a watchful eye on all of them. I hope the three boys who did receive the maximum penalty, no excuse for the bitchassness. Whatever beef you have with someone, I don't give a fuck-shedding blood and taking a life isn't worth the trouble. Half these people talk about revenge but don't even know what it is. It's not even theirs, we have SOMEONE to take care of that for us. Keep ya hands to your self, hug a damn tree, get some love in ya heart. Stop hating. The video is below if you wish to watch it yourself.


r.i.p. derrion,


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