That's the home console, which is pretty much what I see when I'm NOT working. Summer '09 started out with some force, then just turned out to be the same regular summer as any other summer I had within the past 3-4 years. I enjoy this house, I finally have my own room (something I haven't had in a while), it's spacious, big basement with a Wii, and I have it to my self most of the time. When I don't it's ass here. The thing is, I hardly have guest. Well I've had people come over and stay for like 20 minutes..

....Grippington here was the only person that's been here longer than an hour. So to sum it up, it's freakin' boring in this house. I have two games for Wii, one already beaten, the other is that regular WiiSport that gets boring after 30 minutes. I want to use this house to it's punch I know it can pack.I want people over, I NEED GUEST!!! Trust, I need to find something to do outside the house. But I live in Silver Spring=nothing the fucks to do! I need to make a video or something, that's another thing dammit! This computer is the worse, I hate hate hate it! Slow, always freezes, and you know that's my pet peeve. My God-father actually said he'll go half with me on a new computer. I tell my mom and of course she tells me wait. Something tells me she's going to pull that stuff she did when she made me wait to get a new phone. She says the whole "want and needs" thing. Little does she know that I'm in a position where I need a computer. I'm tired of relying on other people for their computers to extract video footage and to make them. Maybe I shouldn't be gunnin' right now since I'm going to be back in school in my OWN crib now. All my money is going towards that, which I thought would be longer. $22 an hour really aint $22 an hour anymore. Definitely had plans for that, but hey shit happens. I might get me something small this week to lighten up my mind state this week. Bleh I got work tomorrow, need to shower and iron clothes AND eat dinner which hasn't even been cooked yet. But when I got out and buy food to eat I get yacked on by my mother right?



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