for the funk of it.....

...cuz I can do shit like that y'erd meh!

This is where I work....

...and this is my office.

Sike I'm sort of lying, but I do work at Nasa. It's another intern job down in D.C. which is surprisingly a whomping two blocks from my old "suck-ass but pays well" summer job at SBA. The people here give me a good vibes, nothing short of pleasant vs. the non-speaking robotic big wigs at my other job last year. My supervisor is the best, probably the best boss one could have. She has me dying when she says my name. She says my whole name ALL the time. Like she'll be like, "Joshua Wood I'm going do for class". Or if it will be a long block of time that goes by and she just happens to see, she'll be like "Hey Joshua Wood!". Lol it's sooo funny, because she also has this southern bell tone to it. She's the best. As far as work, I scan, I file, and compare Nasa complaints, cases, closures, and settlement numbers to the last years numbers and to the number of EVERY government agency. Yea there's like 92, with like 10 delinquent agencies who don't submit no numbers...

...we gon get you fuckas.

...and to top it off, I twitt, which means my day is super busy. I spend half of my day surfing the web like I usually do. I accidentally hit some "office no-no sites" which scares the hell out of me. But I did manage to hit some interesting things while on the net.

This is my nigga, but he need to stop. But check his vlogs which are insanely funny.

Yea that's the fucking monument, Yea he fucking went to D.C., Yea he fucking went to Commonwealth and Stussy, Yea he fucking went to Ben's Chilli Bowl, and NO I didn't fucking get to link up with him. Maybe next time :-(.

My nigga is going to be famous, watch

Quick list of some shit-shit I will be getting into...

July 12-Rock The Bells Tour

August 4th-Kid Cudi & Asher Roth

August 8th-Summer Spirit Festival-Erykah Badu, Chuck Brown, Foreign Exchange, Raphael Saadiq, and Raheem Devaughn

August 12th-De La Soul

October 10th-KANYE WEST & Lady Gaga!

I doubt Winzlow would be able to come down for the Summer Spirit Festival. No lie though, that's something you'd hit by yourself.

So early before I copped Nasa, I was told they were giving me stipends of 22 an hour. Boy did ya boy have plans for that. But there was a woopsy daisy in the print...and...let's just say I'm not making 22 an hour. I had plans...that included a MacBook. But seeing as things went left, I had to take it down a notch...about $1300 worth. and I came up with what you see up there. Small, affordable, and less likely to end up out the window like the piece of trash I have now.

As far as [slick] goes...

I'm doing a little bit more of that, this computer deprivation is depriving me. I still have plans, that I'm sick of talking about. So you just got to start. I can't wait for myself to get started. I got something coming together that I know it's going to take time and money. I want to fix this blog up AGAIN or get a new one. I like the colors and blahzaay like that. But the layout it ass. I might migrate to Wordpress, unless blogger pulls some Ether shit with the layout. I'm focused on getting this project out..wanna hint of what it is?? iight...remember this???

I was serious,


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