P-P-P-PoKeR fAcE....

...HA! This video is fly. Nice and young and playful, and slightly colorful. I dig it though. This is the type of video where you know it's from the mind of the artist rather than the director. You would think there would be some sexual content flowing around within this video, but it's free from it which may lead you to think of the message behind the song. Trust there are some bangin ass females in here! Plus everybody is swaggin' in here. ESPECIALLY Common with his old ass lol. Nah niggas is fly in here, it's hot...and if I'm not mistaken those are Timberlands that Kanye is rockin' on his feet. Now watch everybody hop on that...just watch.



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Timothy C. Pitts said...

Lady Gaga Remix!?!?!...i digggggggg!!!...them niggas is fly as hell...thats GOOD Music for ya!!