Babies R' Us...

...and a God-Father am I. Last Saturday during my vile fever and stomach virus, I made it my business to go to my God-Daughter's baby shower. Kathi, the mother and has been my bestfriend since 9th grade. I wish I had ALL the damn pictures we took together, half of them are gone because my old hard drive crashed. But when I say we have DOZENS of pictures together, I mean it. Maybe one day I'll showcase them for a blog entry, to show our change.

Me and my Brother Tony set out to Germantown to this big house. Nice neighborhood, amazing family. I've been dodging Kathi for the past two weeks before the day of the shower because I did not want her to know that I would be coming. It had been ages since we've chilled, or even had a long ass convo. I planned this hide-and-go-seek game way back before school ended lol....like right before it ended. So a couple of her best friends, Liz and Gloria, who happen to be old high school friends of mine got up on the scandal a little bit later. I arrived to the shower fashionably late to let the fact that I actually may NOT be coming sink in. As I walked in the back door with Tony there she was walking down the steps. Her big old pregnant ass came and gave me one of those big rush hugs that she ALWAYS gives me. Tired, sick, or dead I'm bound to get one. But lord I was happy to see here again. The basement was full of a lot or new but a lot or old faces. Old high schoolmates and Kathi's family that loves saturated the place. Hugs hugs hugs! Now it's time for me to sit down, cause I was sick lol. I missed one of the games they did for her, ya know...measuring the belly..BUT--

I got to make the baby a onesie for the baby. I have my trademark heart balloon with the long string. Normally when I see a blank white piece of paper this is what I would draw, so I blank onesie got the curse too.

That spells M-I-K-A-Y-L-A, Mikayla Rose Musya is her whole name. So beautiful. I'm feel somewhat honored because Rose is my grandmother's middle name. But I doubt that name was given to her with that thought in mind. HOWEVER, if it was a boy Kathi said she was going to name it Joshua...AFTER ME. There would've been another [slick] out here, that's two times the nightmares before Christmas, YIKES!

Later on we all relocated upstairs for some gift opening and ice cream cake. I never been a cake eater, but I always wondered what happened to ice cream cake. Like it's the best of both worlds in one, instead of hassling and buying two. The alpha and omega! But what was killing that after all these years, the day I see an ice cream cake is the day I'm curled up on the floor like a baby. I literally was sprawled out on the floor like I lived at that house. But her family is soooo cool so they didn't mind at all. That's why I couldn't turn down Kathi's aunt's offer for some ice cream cake. Then they started opening gifts while playing Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and Project Pat on the computer connected to the BIG BIG BIG screen t.v. on the wall. That family knows how to have some fun. Nothing but laughs that whole time.

This right here is the father to Mikayla and man in Kathi's life Mike. Both are more than prepared for the new princess on the way. Much love to them both.

This is Kathi and her beautiful famil. From left to right it's her Mom, sister Sandy, herself, sister Jamie, and here Dad. Such a beautiful and lively family. I've grown close to all of them within my high school years. I love seeing her mom because she calls me "Baby". Her dad is just too cool for words, he's very quiet. But once you meet him and get to know him well he'll offer you a beer.

Then of course we have another one that has to be added to the collection. I'm sooo proud of my Boo-Boo. I'm Yogi and she's Boo-Boo, high school ish step ya game up. Coming to this shower was more than worth it no matter how sick I was. It gave me insight on how ready she is, how happy of a God-father I'm about to be, and how blessed I am to have a best friend named Kathy.

love ya kat,


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