The kick off...

Warm air, warm nights, shorts, t-shirts, fresh shoes, good music, downtown D.C....beaches!!! It's summer time. World....it's been two weeks and some change since I've been on break. I must say, I kicked things off well. I always look forward to summers, ever since I was little. As I started to get older, I'd see that my summers became more worthless and eventless. This school year was soooo much of an event planner and changer, I wasn't going to go through this summer without any type fun. Memorial Day weekend was a banger and the week after that was too. The camera?? Of course.

I was coming home into the weekend my very close friend/sister Ashlee and Jasmine were having their prom. Both of them are graduating seniors from SpringFuck, my highschool. I had to get a glimpse of how my ladies looked in their dress, also had to instill some fear in a couple of dates. [slick] doesn't play that shit!

That's Jasmine, JL to some

I had a lot of friends there. Even an ex-girlfriend lol, this is Tieyara. I guess I can show her some love too. Shout to the homie

That's my beautiful sis, shutting it down. She's heading up to Morgan with her bro!

Man seeing this made me want to rewind back to prom night all over again. I only have two best times of my life. One was the N.E.R.D. and Common concert, and another was prom night. I had sooo much fun. The whole process of getting ready for prom was the best too. Dark meat at Popeyes, insider lol. Watching my ladies get up and out of there was a good feeling! Something dope to run into after leaving Morgan.

So we were hungry...Oh yea "WE" as in Winzlow and I..and we decided to go get some eats. We definitely had company.

Brit the gripper definitely came along for the ride. We went to Fridays to get some grub. Since when did Fridays stop messing with the electronic buzzing thing that lets you know you're table is ready. We got this paper with a number on it, such a fail right?

Those are Britt's 3D shades, definitely don't know why she keeps them in her purse. We went to see Terminator Salvation after we ate. The movie was tooooo dope. I've been waiting to see that for ever. Too bad Britt's shades didn't work on the screen.

So that following Saturday Winslow and I sat in my basement with a half planned day. I went on ahead and got my hair cut, then we stopped by the 'Wealth and Stussy to pick some stuff up. I got a new jacket that I've fallen in love with :-). So as we are leaving Florida Avenue, I get a call from my wife saying that my mother-in-law has invited Winzlow and I to a cook out. Cook out? Warm weather? Momma?? Let's go. So we made a great voyage all the way out to Upper Marlboro to link up.

Jazz and I

I got to start giving Mark my camera more, he snapped off for ya boi!

That's my momma-in-law, love her to death!

ScoffMaster in the flesh


This guy right here is Isaiah, aka Zay. When I tell you that this kid was a running riot I'm serious. This cat has soo much energy, and according to Jazz, a lot of girlfriends. He just claimed Felicia about two or three days ago. I may need to sip some apple juice and take notes on his steelo. Jazz says he's pulling the left and right.

He couldn't keep a speed limit lower than 70 miles per hour. That's a kid in summer time for you

Winzlow had to suffer the consequences lol

So with the link up of a few close friends of mine, we had t let the night rock some more. We decided to meet up with a couple of other friends of ours a long with Jasmine's family to go bowling.

"The Strike Life, I Live It"-joshua[slick]

Or we live it. The teams comprised of Me, Winzlow, Chris, and Rells vs. Jasmine, Tyra, Liz, and Ceporah. A quick battle of the sexes if you ask me. The guy all the way on the left is Chris, the one on the right....the secret weapon.

The girls side

Tyra was....decent lol

Some great shit talking...

A little salsa..

...and a person that hits 4 strikes in a row daily will win you games...i don't know what was blessed in this guy...but he hit strikes...after strikess...after strikes...and he didnt even bowl the ball he pitches it! We nicknamed him the xsahkeeyuushunerr...sound it out!

Notice how the Juhstys logo kinda sorta matches my hat???

I was sooo happy that night went well. I haven't had a good link up with good friends like that in a long time. I was very satisfied with my day, happy I got to see my peoples, made a good purchase, and had cook out food!

Sunday moved kinda slow in the beginning. Carl and I woke up and just watched T.V. until our eyes started to burn and our tummys started to howl. It was time to eat?? But what?? Please don't let Carl be the Captain Commando of where to go to eat, especially when he's at my crib. There's only one place that's relevant to him and that's Taco Bell. So, I thought back to this one restaurant my mother took my sister and I too a while back...

This is Lauriol Plaza, this is ante up of the Taco Bell Carl was talking about. This is Mexican food at its finest in D.C. I remember my mother took my sister and I here a long time ago. I was punishing some enchiladas and rice. It has such a nice scenery. Downtown D.C., warm weather, outside and eating...ugghhh. I got to stop saying to components to a nice day, yall should know what they're lol.

Britt the Gripper came along with us again

Winzlow had a thing for Betsy (Britt's purse)

I decided to get the same thing I got last time. I haven't been there in ages; I didn't want to make the mistake of ordering something that could be nasty. The enchiladas and rice was sooo good. I breathed up my plate, then handled half of Britt's. BOY was I stuffed, I felt so full after eating all that food. One thing I was very happy about was the bill. The shit was like 40 bucks for all the meals put together. Definitely didn't expect that. I'm definitely hitting up different food spots this summer. I'm definitely going to expand my taste in foods. Mom actually told me of a spot today across from Lauriol. After we ate we went to go see Wolverine, I must say that I wasn't impressed that much from the movie. I kind of felt it coming too. CG was too predictable, and the story was just too boring. Wolverine the character is still bad ass though. Hugh Jackman is that nigga!

So that day ended well, then came Monday. I've been anticipating Monday for soooo long, for one sole reason....

...CONCERT!!! If you guys remember I posted an entry a while back with Wale. I went to go peep him and Big Sean with UCB at the Sonar. All of that for $10, don't think I'm not going to take up on that good chance. So of course you know who the right hand is in concert, and usually we bring someone new with us each time. Things didn't change here....

The guy in the middle is a close friend of mine named Othello, he went to high school with me. He's one of the very few people that stuck it out with me through out high school. We've made a lot of moves before, now it's time to solidify the movements. So I had to link him up with us.

So the concert of course starts off with your run of the mill opening acts....I HATE opening acts.

The guys up top were actually decent. Their set was cool, give them a little bit of time. I actually have their mixtape sitting in my car, they were giving them out off stage. The second act was trash. I will say that the girl on the right, the big one, does have a flow though. If she went her own way, she'd find some leverage in her hustle.

So now that they were done, it was time for the homie Big Sean to come out. Finally Famous BABY!!

Man this nigga was too fresh for his own good. Othello is very hip own his shoes and clothes game. He hasn't head of Big Sean before nor did he know how the capacity of fresh that nigga gets. Once he saw him on stage, it was a different story. I tried to warn him. The DJ for Big Sean was a fuck dick head and had dumb ass equipment that wasn't working. So Sean had to scoff it with us for a long ass minute until the music was working. One thing I must say is that Big Sean is a chill ass nigga. He sounds braggy and assholish in his rhymes, but this dude is a calm, collected, and humble dude I fucks with him for that. So the music finally starts to kick...

He did all my favorite tracks by him, especially Billionaires. I know that track word for word! He showed a mass amount of love when he finished his set, then came time for Wale.

OOOOO it felt good to see a D.C. native representing on that stage. His whole introduction was smooth. He opened up with Breakdown, a serious D.C. anthem! I'm happy for the dude. I've been there since day one, and he's definitely came a long way.

This man even had the audacity to bring Young Chris out

By this time, I'm led to believe that this was pretty much a free concert. That's Big Sean, Wale, UCB, and Young Chris all for $10. PLUS, I chilled after and actually chopped it with Big Sean. I told you he was a humble dude. He signed my hat as well as Wale. He was even upset that the signature didn't come out well on my hat. I told him as long as it was there, it didn't matter. That was a great night though!

Now of course, I got me some motion footage too! Check the video!!!

Soo that was definitely a great kick off to my summer break, all of that squished into one weekend. I did soo much more after. One thing that I'm trying to do is stay on blogging. That means I don't have to tag a bunch of photos from different events at once. I gots much more to show. I hope yall rock with me, because I'm definitely rocking with yall!



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Timothy C. Pitts said...

Seems like you and Winzlow having a great summer while im stuck in baltimore with an annoying ass pregnant girl whining, doin NOTHING!!...please send me a train ticket to come kick it with you niggas!!...plleeaassseee...hurry!!! lol