Slick Talk RayDeeOO!

So, I had a blast starting up my own radio show! Slick Talk RayDeeOO, it had it's launch last night. I was so reluctant to do it because I was scared I wasn't going to get any calls, or have any listeners. Yes, I get antsy pantsy too lol. But I went on ahead and did it, I had such a blast. Throwing the music on, having friends from home and Morgan call me and show support. The thing is, no one acted an ass, we were all adults about it. I loved it, it feels great to have good support. My whole demeanor is to give simplicity to situations that people make complicated. Relationships, whatever it may be. I'm here to dumb it down! Show some love, thank you for listening. You can download or stream my session on the link below! I know, it was my first show I got a long way to go! It will only get better!

Slick Talk RayDeeOO-Session 1-Hittin Where It Hurts



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