Person of the Moment: Jasmine

Sooooo, I haven't had one of these in a minute. Not due to laziness, it's actually a drought on "Person's of the Moment" now-a-days. But at the same time, there is a little precipitation around the corner. Like this person right here. At home I have the likes of Kathi, Ashlee, Stephany, and JL. Up here at Morgan State, I have the likes of Felicia, Ceporah, Tyra, Liz, and JASMINE. Meet Jasmine, a.k.a Jazzy, a.k.a. Wifey. First off, before you punks get it twisted this is NOT my girlfriend. Im publicly, nationally, and digitally setting the record straight. We don't mess, we don't talk, we don't date...so fix your thoughts. THIS is my BEST FRIEND up at Morgan. Met her a pre-college, and ever since then we've been a running riot. One of the few friends I know I HAVE to keep. We're joined at the neck, hip, leg, and foot. Don't try to look for differences other than our gender, because we're just a like. She supports me in pretty much EVERYTHING I do up here. From Slick Talk, to the blog, Slick Talk Raydeoo. There's nothing like having a friend like Jasmine, so I suggest you go find one....if you can! I love her to death and that's bond!



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