My favorite Gym Class Heroes song....

..New Friend Request, I remember hearing the song after being caught off of Cupid Chokehold. I downloaded it off of Limewire and was blown away. I've been hooked ever since, then went on ahead and fucked it all up by buying the As Cruel As School Children album...which I believe is their best album. BUT, The Papercut Chronicles is "off this planet" good. I just like ACASC on a different and happier level. Well this video definitely was filmed in Silver Spring which is where I live. Found out about it like RIGHT after the shit happened :-(. I hope these guys come through with some more GCH filang. The Quilt left me dissappointed, sounded like the sold their sound somewhere else. But it's music, they're just evolving so I wont hate. Watch this video, it's fun!

If there was two forces, and I split them down the middle

I could swing back and forth for three days

If I had to horses, and I beat them with authority

I'd gallop all the way to Canada to see your face

...hehe..favorite line!


-josh :-)

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