Iight, Charles Hamilton is probably one of the most frank and blaitant dudes I know. But at times I feel that this dude pushes the button. Hammy is trying to play a big role in this hip hop world. Giving a lot of "bible lessons" and words forgetting the fact that he's still a freshman in the game. Either way, he took his shit to the max. He put his ex-girl's shit out there, and she definitely did not feel it! I'm mad his Sonic reflexes aint kick in. I definitely don't think Sonic would be fond of you ditching him for the Pinkn Panther....that's wrapped around your right arm! Being an asshole aint always dope Hammy! You should have listened to Ye!



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Boooogie. said...

damn his street cred just got stripped along with his dignity lmao...