[slick] is....

....or isn't....could be....may be....might be....should be...trying to be.

This isn't no heart felt, sad, sob storied blog. Just one of those updates on yours truly. I'm on this bus waiting to go to the Newseum in D.C.. For $15 bucks, a day off campus is yours! Normally, I could careless about these advertised trips. But A LOT of people in my class were going, so I decided to tag along. I'm tired and hungry, but I'm good! This trip couldn't have came at a better time than it did. You just need a break from this campus. Shit happens, and when it happens it hits hard. Especially when you go to Morgan State. For the record, there's a time and place for EVERYTHING. That goes for everything, especially when it comes to the respect of another person. Some people out here really cross the line with that, especially when they know your business. *yay they just gave me a blueberry muffin*. I realised that my info isn't for everybody, even if they're a close friend of mine. Some end up doing too much with it. I've talked a lot of shit on this blog and you would think that I got my shit together. Hell no lol, I'm sooooo growing up. As we speak, lol I'm type raising myself. No dis to my moms, because she already did a good job. I learned a lot of shit in a week. I'm in a position where I have to step in battlefields with no helmets on, you know, take the risks. Life is full of them. School is a fucking drag, but I'm managing. I just found out that all the notes that I have been taking for Psychology are on the effin' internet. That's a load off of me. No more beating myself to write notes from 10 plus pages out of my book. I went through a bunch of old tape with my camera. Man I had a lot of unseen stuff, it didn't hesistate to take me back to the good ol' days. It's sad how a lot of things are. I'm going to be real, half of us are saying the same shit. "I miss this, I miss that.". Look, I do to but it seems like no one is doing shit. Soo much pride flowing through people. It kills me, but hey that's life, I won't judge because I still love everybody. But a lot of these situations aren't necessary. I can feel that people are going to have one more hoo-rah. I'm praying for it. Well I'm bout to enjoy this bus ride. I'll post with pictures and a possible video soon. Peace and much love.


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