It' Aint Nothin' Like A Morgan Girl!!!

Last Friday was something to remember. Every once in a while, Morgan committees or organizations of the sort try to throw something together for the Morgan Students. In my book, most of them flop and need work. Until last Friday, I went to what I believe what was Morgan's most successful event. The ladies of the N-Sistas organization put on a show for the men of Morgan State. These ladies decided to take the time to sit all the MEN of Morgan State and give them massages. Oiled massages....ahhhh yes. These ladies had the Men fiend out!

This is N-Sista Juicy, and she fed me fruit too

A function is not a function without Stu. I'm so starting to believe that lol. But these ladies had dudes in their that I had never seen before. They all dressed in black, tight tights, to show off their beautiful figures and to entice more brothers to come. They all had there "sex-demeaned" monikers that gave brothers that sensual feeling. Being that we are all men, we are going to follow our curiosities. I mean come on now, they told me "Dirty Minds and Massages". You put two and two together and end up with a bunch of beautiful black woman rubbing you down, feeding you fruit. So the process starts off with a prep station for your hands:

Partner in crime on deck

You know things are craze when Zamark steps up for the cause

So after your hands are finished gettting prepped, you are escorted by a beautiful N-Sista to the body massage room. This were things get a little bit more relaxing. I stepped in smelling like cinnamon and other sweet stuff. You either have a choice of keeping your shirt on or shirt off.

So if Stu takes his shirt off

I'm going to take my shirt off too, Winzlow is clyde

So after you are finished getting rubbed down, you are taken a few steps in front of few for a hand massage. I don't know or remember who did my hand massage but that shit was fuckin' nice! After what I wanted to be an eternity ended, every relocated to the student center theater for poems, fashion shows:

BIG ups to Marina

...and lapdances..

Yes, it got craze lol. Big ups to the N-Sistas. They definitely made me feel like a man. Can't wait for it next year!