Field Trip!

It has been forever since I went on a Field Trip. Man the thrill came back to me as if I was a kid. Don't yall remember having to get permission slips signed, bringing brown bag lunches, or riding on the school bus on the way to your destination. Now understanding that this certain trip was just upstairs from my class, it wasn't the full effect. But it damn sure gave me the feeling.

My Telecommunications class took a trip upstairs to renowned jazz station WEAA. It did not sink into me that I have been listening to this radio station for close to 10 years. It wasn't until yesterday that I found out it's home base was on MY college campus, above my 1 o'clock class. That kind of shook me up a bit.

my favorite teacher this semester, Ms.Jordan

the pretty lights

a field trip isn't complete with out the honreadyness of Chi-Town...inside shit lol



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