Common Sense

Lord this happened like 3 weeks ago, but you know me and concerts. Common came to Baltimore to show Sonar, out of all places, love. I cannot stand the Sonar, I will only go there to record a party, IF asked. I hate clubs all together, but Sonar is a chip on my shoulder. I messed up a fresh pair of shoes in there a while back. But if Common is coming through, then hey, I'm scuffin' and buffin every shoe I own. This actually my THIRD time seeing Common. First was with N.E.R.D., second was at the BET recording for some more Inauguration propaganda back in January, and third was this time at Sonar. Out of all three times, this is my first time getting some official ass pictures. First time Lesley forgot her memory card, I sooo laugh at that now; second time I used my phone, which looks crappy and blurry. Now, there is no excuse.

I definitely wasn't riding solo, WinzLow definitely was coming. It wasn't the same though :-(. I wont...*sniffs*..get into why..*wipes tear from face*...it wasn't. You'll probably get it as you read on. We waited outside for like an hour and a half freezing our balls off waiting to get in. Sound check took the fuck ever, once we got in we kissed the floor (we did not kiss that dirty ass floor).

Those two young ladies, new to the blog and new to the concert game, also was with us. To my right is Brittany Pork, her real name is Brittany Hamm (yes with two "M"s) but I prefer Pork because Pork is Ham....forget it. To my left is Lavel, I call her shadow-n-Lavel...Lupe-Superstar, look it up.

We get in and rush to..the front? Oh yes, why thank you. Getting to the front is no longer a game, it's a lifestyle. Get on stage with N.E.R.D. and you'll see what I'm talking about. Now, this time the headline act didn't surprise like they did at Rams Head. They had an opening act: Saleem and the Music Lovers. Now don't get me wrong, hustle your way up. But these guys weren't cutting it.

Dude with the green shirt is Saleem, the rest is the Music Lovers I guess. Opening acts are supposed to promote their shit and get noticed. But at the same time they need to get the crowd pumped for why they really came. These guys, weren't doing it. The bad thing is I've seen better opening acts.

So they did their thing and it's now time for me and WinzLows nigga to come out so we can reunite. As they were switching the set I looked up to the stage and saw:

This guy! This is Substantial, one of the lyricist that I follow musically. I listen to this guy EVERY night to help me go to bed. Personally, his best work is with the Nujabes. I am a seriously stoked Nujabes fan and it's because of them I am a Substantial fan. I was sooo hype to see him, and even more hype that he let me take a pic of him. He made one song that sticks out like a sore thumb, "Think Different". I posted it before and I'll post it again, listen and just cool out.

Substantial-Think Different

The set up wasn't the same lounge set up Common had last time, it was very plane. But who cares...

Common is living in Baltimore for the next 2 to 3 hours

When I say we were at the front...

...we were at the front!!!

So now I knew the routine of like the first 5 songs. It went Announcement, Go, Sex 4 Sugar, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE, and Come Close. I'm a pro at this concert thing, its all sport to me. Now Come Close has its routine where Common selects a girl, in his mind, during Punch Drunk Love. After it's over he pulls the lucky girl on stage for Come Close. I wanted to get Brittany up there..

But this girl got the goods that night

I'm sure Jazzy wanted the juice from Com also, Chicago natives in he building

The concert was great, I got to hear Punch Drunk Love LIVE again, got to rock out with my right hand man..again, and I brought two new friends into the world of concert. At the end, I had the pleasure of meeting Common's DJ. He was also at the Ram's Head concert with N.E.R.D. and at the BET function. He is a dope dude I swear. He told me and WinzLow he saw us rocking out during the hole concert. I thought about everything, and I swear Common has to remember us. We are the only dudes rappin' his words bar for bar, we were technically in the front in the same exact spot as we were at Ram's Head, and Com kept lookin' at us. He fucks with us I swear. I even got video tape, so you know good and damn well I made a video out of that. The quality is trash, but the thought is what counts. I swear, this is only the beginning for me!

ay baby,



Jah Rootz said...

boss. i like your writing skill. I caught the Com & N.E.R.D concert in Miami...and my ratings for the man are well high...so I well overstand the lifestyle.

Respeck from the highest!

chill till infinity said...

lol HA common got my hosoi vans on

Eclectic Style said...

i luuuuvvvv it! im mad i missed the show though