Return of the Jedi

Now if you were to go for like a very long time with out blogging, are you considered doing nothing? I don't know if some of you consider a month as a long time, but in the blogging world, it's at least a year. I'm happy to be back in the blogging atmosphere, it's apparent that I had to bring the pain when I came back. NOW I KNOW YOU ARE LOVING THE NEW LAYOUT!!!!. I was not feeling the the old plain layout, I'd go to other blogs and I'd see people with all the colors, widgets, links, and pictures poppin' off. Most of the other blogs were not using blogger and I figured I should switch blogging clients and start off fresh. One thing led to another and I figured I just want a layout change; I should just beef up my layout the best way I can with out losing all my other cool posts. It was so dope how my mind starting dancing all over the place while I was creating this layout. It was like, "You need to take pictures, lots of music, you need photoshop, change the colors of the letters, make it look funky, make it match, wait change the font". With all the rambling going on inside my depths I created what you see now. Yes, I am definitely proud of my self :-). One of the very few highlights of my break.

New Years was beyond belief painful, yet very and highly successful. I had plans of New York, LOVE, going to my moms bartender party (yes, my mother bar tends now), etc. I ended up kickin' it with my cousin at his house because his older sister (my cousin too) decided they were going to throw something. When I heard the idea, it sounded sooooo much more than perfect because everything else wasn't going as planned. I mean there would be liquor, and a safe place to stay so I couldn't ask for anything more satisfying.

The night decided to take its twist as soon as things went underway, everyone knows the Peach Red is light, but the rest of that stuff..I couldn't even tell you what it taste like.

You are more than welcome to blame [slick] for an empty bottle of Hypno that's in the freezer. Or you can blame it on the alcohol, it's your choice.

This is Lauren, a.k.a my cousin, a.k.a Chris' older sister, a.k.a the host of the night.

...and that is chris

Dominique, Lauren, and Victoria. The sus guy in the back that I didn't name is good ol' Chauncey, one third of the Vomiting Virtuosos. Don't worry we'll get back to him.

This special lady doesn't just have any random drink in her cup. She is sipping on a [slick] original, [slick]cretion (SL-IK-KREE-SHUN). Get at me for your own cup!

Chauncey was really feeling Dominique that night, man he was feeling everything. He even had the nerve to compete against me in chuggin' cups. Do NOT do that because one way or another, you will be blowing out your intestines. So while we are on the subject...

Better luck next time Chaunce

Bre, the other third of the Vomiting Virtuosos, caught the burn also, face first. That was her bed for the night

All together it was a great night though. I had hella fun; Chris, Chauncey, Chris' friend Rob, and I while in our drunken splendor drove around the depths of P.G. County in Chauncey's pick up truck. With no destination is what made it so much more fun. ACTUALLY, we were looking for a party that I knew nothing of because I was to drunk to even listen. All that damn chunk blowing just got to my head...

..which made me the last piece of the Vomiting Virtuoso. 3 times during the night, and one time when i woke up.

I honestly believe I reached a seriously stupid and retarded level of drunkness. I never had a hangover like the one I had when I woke up. My head weighed and extra 20 pounds and felt like a hammer was straight dunking me on the head. My stomach was a freakin' problem. Though I stuffed it with a Baconator, Fries, and some Chicken Nuggets like an hour after I blew chunks. What was funny was that my first day at work was like the next day.

I worked at Giant for like the last two weeks of my break. I know, I know, Abercrombie & Fitch did hire, yet the fags never put me on schedule. So while I am calling waiting to be schedule, I am jobless doing nothing. Knowing my mom she still wanting my work, and knowing my mom some more she knows somebody who can get me a job, cause if you know my mom she has connects. Thank GOD for that, I was able to get a job at GIANT because she knew someone who worked there who could talk to the manager. I was in there like magic, I applied and I was in. They had me bagging thought I wanted to be a cashier. I didn't have time to get my experience game up to be a cashier so I stuck to being a bagger. But I was the world's greatest bagger GIANT could bring. I raised the bar on putting the bread on top of the eggs so the eggs would break and the bread wouldn't crush. I double bagged like it was no one's effin business! I acted accordingly, didn't ask for any days off because that would look bad seeing as that I just started working. But I was thinking about the Inauguration, I couldn't miss that. Luckily they didn't schedule me that day..

So my Grandma asked what I was doing up at 6 o'clock on a Thursday morning when I have no work. Come on Grandma, you know that there is a little bit of history that needs to be made. I couldn't believe the excitement I had towards this event. I really did NOT want to go because when I woke up I felt like death, but I knew I'd be hating myself right now if I didn't. So I made it happen. I went with Hiba and her crew. They're some dope people to hang out with. My initial plan was to get there was to park at Silver Spring Station and take the train or bus to the National Mall from there. But Hiba saved me and told me to meet them at Glenmont, which is the beginning of the red line. I'd be caught in a heep of shit if I took anything after Glenmont.

the crew for the day minus one

and there is the other one

So we all met at Glenmont station, it seemed might cool. It wasn't and tight and packed like I thought it would be. I figured it be smooth sailing seeing as we all had our own seats with room to kick up. But boy was I in for a surprise. Check the train ride..

Man I have never seen the train station that freakin' packed EVER. Sure I have seen the train station stuffed, but this shit was seriously ridiculous. I was ready to slap a tourist..

This is after we got off the train going up the escalator as seen in the video

and this is looking back as we are on the escalator as seen in the video

That view was very breath taking, I couldn't believe that all these people came out together to witness history. What made things more dope was that I was a part of it. So we are off the train and since we don't have tickets we must walk like freaking 8 blocks to get to the National Mall. No turning back now...

"...let's trekk!"

Obama wastes no time

So we get there, my feet are like pretty much frozen from the ankle down, it felt like my feet where straights numbed stubs. The monument was straight up in a ocean of people and we were sooooo far back from the Capitol where the president would be speaking. Luckily we had big screens so we would be able to watch the speech from all the way back there. I saw the likes of Queen B and Jigga on that screen...definitely caught me off guard. Now when you look at that picture up top you would wonder how I could get a shot like that when there was soo many people there to begin with.

When you go with [slick] you go hard, hands down. We saw these two boys sitting on the roof with a clear view of the screen. I wanted so I got it!

..So did Omnia..

..So did Jenell..

..and of course Hiba. We sat down with the blanket and watched Inauguration with a great view. It was good while it lasted because the cops came and shut our achievement down of course. I hate pigs. So we ended up standing in the crowd with a somewhat crappy view but good enough. I had frozen feet and locked up knees standing in that one spot. We actually left as Obama came on for his speech. It was absolutely way to freaking cold out there. As we were walking back to the train station we heard him give his speech. It was good enough for me.

I shot this last shot of the Capitol as we were leaving, Obama was up there giving a speech some where. I felt very good accomplishing that mission, I got back on the train and died. I couldn't feel my feet or fingers. We stopped at Chipotle on the way back home. I didn't know I was that hungry until I started eating my food lol. I went back to Glenmont, got in my car, went home, and slept the long day off.

That was pretty much the highlight of my break wrapped up. It's a shame that it started late into my break lol. Oh yea I forgot one..

Yea, that's mine. I don't know if you remember my last post where I updated from Winzlow's Blackberry saying that I wanted one. Well I got one, and I must say my life feels a little bit more complete. Finally after years of waiting, I got me a new phone.

So now I sit here in my new spot on campus, we are a week into school in a new year. I'm excited for what I feel, I mean I know, what I am about to bring to myself and others. My academics has never meant that much to me as they do now. I realized that I am too blessed to be bullshitting in school or anywhere else. I say stuff like this all the time, but for the few people who knew what was going on, they know I mean business. School work is such a priority, if my friends are really my friends, they will still be there. I feel that the animated me has upgraded to a point where I can color the whole world around me. I practice and still am practicing humbling myself, being an initiator, saving money, speaking my mind, and at the same time staying me. I learned that I have nothing to prove to anyone but my mother and to myself. People who choose to label, judge, and talk down is the only ones playing themselves. I want as many friends as I can get, I want to take this Juhstys and Slick Talk to the next level. More frequent post, more videos on time, it's the only way to get my name out. I'm CONSTANTLY thinking of ways to get my name out here. One good way to get my name out is to move from Facebook to here. Instead of posting pictures on Facebook, why not post them on here. Let the people come to me! HAHA, that's when I got the idea of putting the logo on the corner of the pictures. Looks official don't it? Can't you all already feel the force I'm about to bring. What can I say...I'm a Jedi.

Superbowl is on,


P.S.-All of the old post are not deleted, you just have to click older post if you want to say the old ones.


Ambi said...

Well A. I'm glad you got a new phone baby!!!! B. I'm happy you had fun during your break. (at least some of it.) C. You left out the part about New Years where you cursed me out!!!!!!!!

Love you Bestie!!!

Knowledge of The Union said...

you've come over to the dark side, where 'berries reign supreme. Good shit man welcome back to blogging. I like the colors of the new layout. I'm glad you had some fun over your break, I was starting to think you'd hate the whole thing. That's wassup that you caught the inauguration, got to be a part of history and all.