It's over for Romas

So last night I was working out with Bella and Winzlow, and it has been a while since I have worked out. I started out with some bicycling, pull-ups, and some dips. I didn't realize how out of shape a nigga like me was. Like, I knew it would have taken a lot out of me to work out with them. I mean these niggas be in the gym 5 days a week. So once we are done I sit down, then every thing came crashing down. My head felt light and heavy at the same time, my body got week, I started seeing color, I ran to the bathroom..and bllaaaaaaahhhhhh; thar he blows. I up chucked my canteen pizza in the bathroom. Thats how I knew it was time for a change. I never over-exerted on energy like that. Winzlow said it's that Romas and canteen grease. So I made it known that I would be changing my eating habits from that night on. Walking back to my room was the fuckin' worse! Uggh. So I was so dam serious about my eating habits;

..it took every power of will and soul in me to not get another pizza or chicken and fries box from the canteen. But this is what my canteen days will look like from now on. I gotta heat this wrap up a little bit though.




Anonymous said...

boi thts wat i 4got to tell u i been wrkn out lately to homie but yea fuk tht romas brotha!!!

Knowledge of The Union said...

haha all that shitty food got you earlin? I'd think you probably just overworked yourself, unless you ate some crap right before exercising. Because people used to throw up all the time during track practice. So it seems to be normal when you work out really hard