what i'm stuck with....

I am a broke college student on winter break, that lives in his grandmothers basement for the time being, so you know how the rest goes. i anticipated and predicted the hardship of just stepping into that house. i swear i can't be in this house for longer the 4-5 days. that's when all hell starts to break loose. nevertheles, my grandmother's basement is my "humble abode". i'm working with the least bit of materials so i can leave the least bit mess so i can hear the least bit of fussing.

this is pretty much the same stuff i used back on campus...peep how i didn't crack open that oatmeal lotion yet, it's because i been the states missing idiot and out the vaseline lotion to the right of my bible. i forgot i had that lotion when i went to the grocery store...sidebar: those fabric softner balls don't cut the cake..seriously

this is where the magic isn't happening. you know there is a problem when the bed in your dorm is more comfortable then your bed at home. plus i have no pillow----- (-.-). yea a dagger at its sharpest.

and here is the control center, where the magic is really happening (in the nerdiest non-freakiest way possible..some of you people out there are nastyy!). sadly this is my source of entertainment, social activity, and even sleep. my speakers play some Nujabes when i go to sleep. i usually sleep with the t.v. on, house rules as it that i can't. so to avoid all bullshittery i wont! i just got finished reading about 70 chapters of Naruto on Naruto Central now i'm caught up with all the manga..saadd case man..say what's that on my computer screen?

i just did an interview with abercrombie and fitch, from what lesley told me they aren't really going to save me from the captivity of the enforcer of this house if they hire me. so in that case i need to find another job that is going to eat up every second from 9 am to 9 pm. i'm so serious, that's more money and less lecturing! i have never been so gung ho as to finding a job. i'm even contemplating going back to Target, ya'll aint know, i did Target one time and i vowed that i would never touch the red and tan garments ever again. but it seems my worst enemy can give me the best treatment..... :-(



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chill till infinity said...

didn't kno u liked manga, naruto is pretty good