[slick] on SEX

OKAY....I saw Boogie post his views on sex. So I figured I would post mine, what I really felt with no bluff. I wrote one back in the Summer, but I wasn't 100% real on what I was writing. I wrote 70% of what I felt and 30% on what I thought was good to write...SO!!

[slick] says:

Sex is a choice of mind and heart between two people who feel for each other mentally. It can take a relationship to greater hights and happier times. But don't be fooled but the bright green light because it can also blow alot of good things out of the building. It can brings smiles, as well as it can bring tension and confusion. That's why you have to carefully choose who you get involved with. ME, JOSHUA, JOSH, [SLICK], or whatever you call me...I AM A VIRGIN! The first question I will always hear is, "You're waiting until marriage?". Look, we all know that waiting until marriage is the spiritually lawful thing, right? I mean GOD said wait until marriage. I caught myself saying I am waiting until marriage simply because I have not lost it yet. Since jump street, I knew that I would one day run into a person that I would be very attracted to. More than emotionally, but physically too. I have had my fair share of girls in my time. Look, none of them were people who I really wanted to venture with sexually. If they were, I'd tell them "Yo, I want to go there with you". But in any case, they weren't and I did not say that to them. People can't tell me otherwise when I feel as if I found the person, because I know. Whether I go there with that person or not, I know that that's the person. That's what my position has really been, waiting for the right one. Some people feel as if marriage is the right passage, and by all means every person should try to wait until marriage. But if you feel that you met a person who you want to go there with, and you know it, be safe and smart about it. Don't regret. I am not mad that I am still a virgin, I'm patient. Whatever life has to offer, I'm going to take wisely.

love on,



Knowledge of The Union said...

I'm proud that you're fine with waiting for the right one and not ashamed to be a virgin. What 30% did you add to this version of the sex post?

Boooogie. said...

damn thats commendable son...