N.E.R.D. Sooner or Later

Sooner Or Later - Behind The Scenes

..behind the fuckin scenes!!!!! lol i know it aint nothin to be hype over because anyone can see videos being made behind the scenes.But this is N.E.R.D... watching this just motivated about 100% ya huuurd meh?? excuse the crazy typing because i am a little bit on the tipped side..but hey...i haven't been here in like 3 weeks..im feeling good!!! watching this definitely motivated me to get on my shit and make sure i succeed.if you guys didn't know I want to be a film director and a music video director..i dont make this Slick Talks for nothing ya digg? watching one of my lifetime idols do his thing to one of my favorite songs just sets shit off..trust me man..this is going to be one hot ass video.as of now im listening to univseral mind control for like the 32034523th time, and i think it will never get old..look out for his new video..look out for universal mind control..look out for slick talk 6 and 7...and im writing a play!!!

i wasn't supposed to tell you that,


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Knowledge of The Union said...

Nvm now I know what kinda videos you meant. Big dreams homie, I believe you can make it happen