Explain That Moment|What You May Not Know

I forgot what was going on that day, but best believe liquor was consumed. This was definitely a bad look for Jazzy because she got the short end of the stick when she wanted to toe-to-toe with some Goose. Haha, sad fight! Jazzy has a thing for calling me when she is bent out drunk, so in this particular case....she called me. She was everywhere, bouncin all over the walls and stuff, arguing, cussing me out..for no reason. Then it comes that time when she at least feels like she had to throw up. That explains this get up right here, there she lays passed out while I squinting my eyes praying that she doesn't throw up. If she did..well let's just say I'm a good bestfriend. So as she's passed out why not take a picture of us together. MEMORIEEESSS!!!



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