I have been trying to get this mixtape for like a few weeks to month. I finally got it like last week and I'm highly content with it. I saw K-Salaam and Beatnick's all over blogs and stuff that I browse daily. usually I don't click on tracks by random people in the game and stuff because I don't feel like downloading it. this one track happened to be posted on blog through a Youtube video. so I clicked play, the track was Ressurection by Common, and damn I was sold. these two cats now how to remix a track real good. they got this optimum sounding hip-hop and jazz hybrid sound. like if jazz and hip-hop were to fuck in the nastiest and most hardcoriest way, their sound would be the kid in the rawest form possible. so with a few select tracks from Common's legacy, K-Salaam and Beatnick went on ahead a remixed and made some classic sounding music. Arien, you definitely need to give this a listen, it's definitely worth the download. their next project is going back to the 70s with some remixed Michael Jackson and Marvin, I'm on it ya heard meh.

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Knowledge of The Union said...

Ok I just got it. Feelin Resurrection hard! Sir you are a gentleman and a scholar.