N*E*R*D* to bless us Christmas

N.E.R.D. plans to shuffle out Seeing Sounds, AGAIN, with 3 NEW SONGS. I nee this good music man. We got Kanye that just dropped, Common on the 9th as well as Fall Out Boy, then N.E.R.D. (my favorite alternative sound) to bring out their hot CD with new tracks?! I've had a long two weeks, but all this music is making things soo much damn easier. The guys up at Neptunes.org got up with a dude named Producer45 who had an opportunity to talk to Shae at the Play Cloths Release Party.

Hey Whats Going On Everyone I Might Be Late On This But I Was Just At The Play Cloths Release Party & Shae Was There I Got To Talk To Him For A While! I Might Be Lalte On This But He Told Me That “We Are Re-Packing The Album (Seeing Sounds) To Be Released Around Christmas Time With 3 New Tracks On It”

c'mon boys,


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