Explain That Moment|What You May Not Know

So I am sitting in here thinking of ways to make your life more exciting as well as mine. I definitely got plenty of ways to get my shit pepped to the core. I'm watching all the Slick Talks I did as I prepare to do another one tonight, I look through all the pictures I have. Then something came to me. It's nothing big, but something that will keep your ass on the edge of your seat. So new shit---


This is some new filang that flew across my mind as I was seeping around my Facebook pictures. Pretty much, I am going to throw up a picture that looks wild, random, funny, etc. Then I am going to explain what is going on in the picture through out all honesty. Okay so here is the first picture.

This is a still shot from the official Morgan State-Pop Champagne (1520 Mix) video that was shot like, a long time ago. From the left left all the way to the right right we have Sabreya, Brittany, Jordan, Sharayia, Gran Dada, Bella, [slick], Lesley, Danielle, and Marc is off screen. Me, Bella, Marc, and Gran decided to go upstairs where the rest of the girls were doing the video shoot. Danielle and Sharayia were already on screen and when Sharayia was to give us the high sign, everybody was supposed to hop in. The Pop Champagne video started and sooner or later, Sharayia gave us the sign. I, of course, was the first one in there followed by Gran and March (who went with getting light). Then Lesley, Jordan, Brittany and Sabreya came in. Next thing you know, the whole crew went crazy. Dead ass there was some random dude in there. Don't even know who the cat is. But yea, I'm going to post the actual video this weekend. That shit is something for the grandkids lol....classic.


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