ETD: Eat Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was definitely different this year for me and my familiys. My sister has always been going to two Thanksgivings, her father's side then our mom's side second. I always sticked to my mom's side and it has been like that for years. This year my dad finally decided to speak on me going to my grandparents house on that side for Thanksgiving. He said there was going to be a lot family there that is going to want to see me. I knew things were going to be weird and awkward for me but hey, I did want to see the other side of my family. So I'm driving down to their house and the closer I get the more nervous I get. I mean I have been seeing and speaking to my dad, but the rest of the family I haven't seen in like 8-10 years probably. I finally get there and step into the house to find a table of food......righteous. Then I see family after family, the only people I recognized was my grandmother and grandfather. The house wasn't packed, but it was enough people to fill a class room up back in school. I insisted on taking pictures.

my grandfather and grandmother

my cousins opal and pearl...dope right!

the addition is my cousin angel

this is my aunt norma. she is definitely a freakin riot. the young one is pearl's son........i forgot his name..but his hair is goes on forever.

this is my uncle courtney..so to be the world's greatest culinist

and that's pops

it was great seeing family I didn't know, they don't know the type of cousin they have! then dad hit me with the Christmas moves saying we are all going to go to New York and he wants me to tag along...hell yea. I have been dying to hit NY since forever. so that's definitely about to be my Christmas plans.

So I bounced and gave a gang of hugs to everyone and I started to drive back to my regular programming of Thanksgiving. I was wild late and everyone was already there waiting for me, even my friends. I felt wild important because everyone was calling me asking where I was and how long I was going to be. I mean in reality they were yelling at me, be [slick] took it as love and a means to make a grand entrance......

...so I did

more hugs and pounds and where the hell have you been when they know good and damns well I was at my dad's house. one thing that made me excited when I got there was the number of cars that was lined up in front of my house. my family usually eats together ever Thanksgiving and then chill, go watch a movie, then relax to the early hours of the morning. but this particular Thanksgiving they decided to eat in their separate home and then meet up after we ate. which i thought was gay and I thought everyone wouldn't even come out, but everyone did come out and it freakin excited me.

amber and chris

tony, steve, lauren, and seth......posted

robert, gina, and lauren

[slick] and lauren

i know you remember the greatest freestyler in our family

and one half of the our greatest dancers

don't be fulled by the pics because that house was definitely packed, so we went on to continue the tradition of going to catch a late movie. understanding that there were no family movies, we all had to bite the bullet on a movie that wasn't oh so family like..

we was ridin deep, don't bluff

we went to go see 4 Christmases which had all of us dying. it was a funny ass movie with a great concept and message behind it. i recommend everyone to go take your lover out to go see it.by that time of the night i was wild happy that my family actually got together and made things happen peacefully. around that time i was second guessing my trip to new york with my dad because I am too used to this. we'll see when the time comes...i love my family




Knowledge of The Union said...

Great flicks, glad you had fun with both sides

Toné said...

wow josh,huge family!

i wish i could get my full fam together like this haha.