Can't believe it...yes I can

Already at a shindig getting tipped, me and a lot others sat and awaited Obama's victory on T.V.. The feeling of watching history make itself right then and there is absolutely thrilling. Also the fact that you are the reason that history is happening is pants-shitting. Once we say that number hit 280 for OB me and the whole freakin' team went ballistic. We step out side only to see half of that Morgan View hallway loosing their nut. Everyone giving high fives, pounds, hugs, and just showing love. But it did not stop there. Once we hit outside, it was Morgan State at it's best.

Morgan State actually looked like a black college for the very first time. People EVERYWHERE dancing, laughing, shouting, crying tears of joy, hugging..ANY happy emotion you can think of was there. That was the first time i ever seen black people actually show soo much love for their brothers & sisters. Best believe the camera was in the vicinity, SLICK TALK #6 STAY TUNED!!!

You see, a change is already happening. Im just wild happy that Obama won because if he didn't I had a feeling that the student center would have been set on fire, or someone probably would have thrown a rock at the library. Either way, it felt good, I felt refreshed. Shit I want a change to, you all know me. I am constantly thinking of ways I can change for the good. Like for instance I changed my room around.


I also need to put something on this bare ass wall. I have a thing for art so other than the fact that I am dead broke, I don't know why I don't get out and by some paintings or something. I may swing by Urban Outfitters or some other places to get some posters. Shit I may even draw my own little collage/mural.

what do ya'll think

i'm having too much fun on my roommate's mac,


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Knowledge of The Union said...

those pictures are inspiring. I just hope it was sincere and not a bunch of ppl getting caufght up in the hype of the monent