Dealing with the lack of leadership that we have had, I guess it's only right to have an economic fall out. Honestly, I don't get into politics that much. I know enough to know what's going on and what's going to affect me. But as far as reading stuff on CNN or watching Bloomberg, it's not my forte. With my lack of political knowledge, I still find myself highly annoyed with the fact that "the land of the free" has the ground. Trust me, we have yet to hit rock bottom. It's the ignorance of our government that led us to these hard times. But I am not going to straight up throw rocks at the government (even though they deserve boulders). We the people (<==== lol), are supposed to speak up when we know things are not right. It's more of us than them, so why the hell is everybody so scared. I don't know what happened, but after getting some groceries for my room the other day, I realized the power of saving. I am definitely not spending any money on anything unnecessary. Not to mention that money is tough to come by these days around my end. Save people, I promise you that it's worth it. Recessions are a part of life, when I found that out I kind of felt better. But it's sad that the government allowed us to hit a stage like this. Saving your money is vital right now. Save up, and vote Obama.

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