Person Of The Moment:Stu

This like the origin of my Morgan State experience. My main mans Stu was in my pre-college group when I first got here. I swear hanging with this dude gets you into trouble. He will laugh at something you said that really wasn't meant to be funny, but then you would end up laughing with him because he is laughing. And when he laughs he laughs. Seriously though this is one of my close circle homebois and he definitely holds his people down. He is definitely one of the most passionate people when you hear him speak on a serious subject or a serious discussion. He will go on for ages! Lol, and he is the funniest when he is drunk. I remember I was walking to my friends room when he stopped me and said he needed someone to walk with him to his car. But his car was like literally a few inches away from the building we were in. Stu begged one of us to walk with him to his car. He said, and I quote, "I just need a little companionship". LMAO!!!!!!!! Either way, that's my nigg so I went on ahead and walked with him to his whip. Hands down, Stu is a real ass nigga.

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