An update on [slick]

It's cold, cloudy, and rainy out side. Rain has the power to seriously alter moods. Either you are tired or you don't feel like dealing with anybody. As of right now, I definitely don't feel like dealing with anybody, with the exception of a very few. I got the rest of my day staged for me. I have crazy reading and typing to do for classes. I'm going to get that done as soon as I finish this blog. Well, hello world. I am definitely still alive, back at Morgan State on my semi-grizzy. It's time for me to graduate into that final state of ultimate grinding. Im trying to score that 3.0 or higher. I have been on a very quiet mode with myself, a lot of times when I am with my team I have my headphones on blast as they sit and talk. I rather let the music tell me whats going on around me. I feel more inclined, sublime......and cool lol. I definitely grew into my music ever since I got my Zune. I have a friend who put me on to that alternative rock mode. I seriously love rock music, I always have but now it's just like I'm sleeping to it. Morgan State is still the same, nothing different, BUT these freshman girls are definitely on point! Very pretty girls walking on this campus, I hope they are up here for a reason with a great head on their shoulders. We definitely do need no more sitting ducks out here, same for my freshmen brothas coming up out here. My friends are still out here, things are different though. About a good 90% of them live on the opposite side of campus of me. So I'm making daily hikes to their end of town just to see what's poppin'. Some friends don't speak anymore, but hey that's life. I'm thinking about upgrading my appearance to send out messages to everyone. The same friend who put me on with rock loves this sweatshirt that I have that has a 50s greaser holding his decapitated head in one hand, and a bloody sickle in the other. On the back, it says "Death 2 Cool Kids". In my own words, it means be yourself. All those cliche acts like smoking, drugs, jealousy, and etc that are dubbed cool, throw them away. 9 times out of ten, people who do that are following someone. So never be afraid to wear what you want, say what you want, listen to what you want, and to be what you want. You are all definitely your own person. I'm also going to become a backpacker. I think that carrying a backpack could send out the message that I am always on the move. I ordered a new backpack so it could be for my laptop and camera, so I will never miss a moment. The other backpack will be for my school work. I'm just trying to get people to see and opposite side of life, and to let them know that being yourself is the most fun you can have. Especially when you share it with someone else. Either or, I am thankful for what I had then, what I have now, what I hope to have in the future.

i swear life is fun,


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Anonymous said...

i agree !! today was a very very very gloomy day today. absolutely no time for promenading. [sad face]
whoever this young lady is, she seems to have quite the influence on ur current state in life right now. idk why u never get comment on your blog. its quite interesting and informative. [happy face]

-sleeping with rock music