things about joshua[slick]...(updated again)

March 30,2008
i love hip hop
i like to eat...alot
i love clothes & shoes
i have love for all people [but the line is still drawn, dont cross it]
i love females of all types
i dislike females of some types
i am lazy
i dont smoke
i do drink [a little bit]
i am sometimes selfish
i still have alot of growing up and maturing to go
i am in the works of writing a story [but im lazy, part one is already up...*hiStory*]
i am planning on making a movie
i am kind of a neat freak
i have pet peeves: yard work, nagging parents, retarded drivers, slow computers
i write so i can inspire other minds [inspiration is free]
i do not like drama [violence, arguing, war, etc]
i do not hold grudges
i know that the third as helped me to grow alot
i hope to one day have the drive i used to have
i used to be a detrimental think, i now believe that my thinking now is a gift
i really don't allow alot of things to bother me
i love my family even though most of them get on my nerves 70% of the time
i wish i was a little boy again
i would like to one day make the world the way GOD first made it [peace]
i am still a virgin [...so what]
i don't like the college i go to [morgan state university]
i made all the contacts in my phone in lower case
i am a proud member of kanyelive.com
i wish i could freestyle
i wish i could play an instruments
i wish i was a wee bit more athletic [sometimes, athletes are jerks]
i want to grow up and be very wealthy
i want to be someone that makes new things and make people think about them
i hope that one day this blog will be very famous
July 4th, 2008
i need to work on my money management
i would like to get a black 03 impala
i kind of miss morgan state
i plan to blow out some good grades this coming semester
i am back at it with my ex from 9th grade
i believe that a bestfriend can become a stranger
i am planning on having the BIGGEST cookout bringing friends together
i have received 3 pairs of kicks since summer break started
i plan on 4 more before school ends
i am starting not to like somethings about Kanye West
i hear, think, and see violent things all the time [and i dont know why]
i am back with Jesus who will keep me safe from them
September 26, 2008
i am a perfectionist
i am very logical
i can think on the highest echelon when i am forced to remain on the lowest
i want to be more introverted
i belive respect should for self and others should overpower anything
i keep quiet and let things go for what they are
i hate unanswered questions, even if i feel im not supposed to ask them
i think waaaayyyy to much
i want people to see and feel what i see and feel
i am thinking something 10000% of the time you see me
i believe alcohol and the lack of companionship can amplify other detrimental feelings
i like to express myself through my clothes
i always believe that there is a time and place for everything
i am definitely not the same person i used to be
i can definitely make a person's stagnant world turn, if allowed
i know what i deserve but i expect little from pretty much everyone
i still give people the benefit of the doubt though
i really like secret handshakes
i am about to become a backpacker on monday
i think the papercut chronicles can sooth anyones soul
i find it hard to hold somethings back
i am still building myself up...on all angles



muse. said...

so i thought i was the only one like this.

nice. =)

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew wat detrimental meant. You use it a lot. And you should spell check, some things were confusing because you might have added an [s] or something where it didn't belong. Its like that with a couple of your blog posts. Just trying to help, I see you want this blog to be famous one day.