The Spotlight:Charles Hamilton

Definitely slept on this dude for a while. His internet prescence is absolutely ridiculous. I am an advent reader of Nahright hip hop blog; I have always seen this guy pop up with music. The only thing I thought about him was that he really loves Sonic the Hedgechog. Check his myspace and you will see what I am talking about. Then this one day, Kanye posted a track by him which he really went in on. Plus the beat was seriously sweet. Ever since then I have been up on the homie. I just got finished watching his interviews with Jabari from HipHopGame. It was cut up into four parts. My favorite had to be the second one where he went in on his ordeal with Uncle Luke. I swear after watching that interview, I thought he was a grown ass man.

Charles Hamilton Interview Part 2

One thing I like about him is that he does not give a FUCK what people think. He is real, and it will hurt. He is big on true to self and others, no matter what can happen. He is not afraid to say shit for what it is and he will make it clear. I swear he needs to make a stop in Baltimore so we can chat over a hot cup of Starbucks or a nice meal from Romas. Dude is definitely the type a person the world needs. He recently just dropped this track dubbed Ronald McDonald which is by far my favorite track from him to this day. I will definitely throw it in the Boom Boom Room after a while. I'm going to post the link for the song. Bless yourself and open your ears fam.

Charles Hamilton-Ronald McDonald[Download]

Be sure to check the first, third, and fourth parts to his interview. Youtube them because my fingers are hurting from all this typing.


1intellect said...

real insight on ur page homeboy
dude is trill mo niggas need to take note , but u kno how the world wrk, or do we ? any way keep doin wat u do, cuz cant nobody do it betta than u!

Paradoxx said...

Ya man is dope.... loven tha sound dude, good looks for the info!