Person Of The Moment: Chris

I haven't had one of these in a while. Fam, meet my cousin/right hand man/best friend/my dude for life Chris. I met this dude when I was like 2, and I don't even remember it. I swear, me and this guy has memories for days. Before we started driving, I'm pretty sure we caught every bus and train route to get to wherever we needed to go. We freakin' took a train and bus to Fredrick to meet up with some girls and that was a fun ass bus ride. Nothing can compare to both of our memorable times at Wheaton Movie Theatre (ahh yes), or the time when we honked on horns in our parked car as people went jogging by, or beatin' up his older brother with my karate guards on, or runnin from a fox on a late winter night as we walked his dog, or whoopin' his ass in pretty much every video game the family has ever played (especially GoldenEye for N64), or the time when he loved to wear the Air Darwins with some We R One, or shooting his older brother with a paint ball gun, or going to High's Conveinient Store and McDonalds in the waking hours of the morning, or tearing down the house in the Rock The Bells '08, or getting tipped out at a DJ Teck party, or making a trip to..........well he made that trip I was just the chauffeur. In respect to his word, I will not elaborate on where we journeyed to that day. Either way if you want someone that is ALWAYS going to do something dumb, lol, ask this guy because he is down. This is my numero uno, no dude, no female, no place, no thing is ever going to come between us. 100% trust goes to my dude because he has my back regardless of the weather. That's the truth, it's hard to find someone to hold you down that will never cross you. Ha, my niggas I got Chris. Peace and much love!


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