This is a revolution!

I'm sure that alot of you people heard me call things a revolution. That just simply means that whatever it is, it's going to be big, or I am going crazy for it. This movie right here, is going to be a revolution. I went through blogs, and reviews of people saying that they have never been so amped for a movie. I understood because it was a super hero movie. But I wasn't giving it a big fuss as much as they were. Not until I saw Batman Begins (for the first time) last night. You do not understand how this is taking me back to my Batman roots. I was Batman for three years straight for Halloween back when I was in pre-school. Yes, I know that I have a Superman hoody, it's because I love Superman. I also know that I have said that Spider-man is my favorite superhero of all time. But no one can beat Batman, he is super power is his intelligence and his butler. The main reason why I am really amped to see this is because of the Joker, Batman's most prominent enemy ever. Looking at the commercials, Heath Ledger did this part with passion, and I highly doubt anyone else could of pulled it off with the orginality he did. R.I.P to his soul he passed away January 22, 2008, right after the the movie was completed. I promise you, he left this world with a bang in the role of this movie, and I can't freaking wait to prove myself right on Saturday. NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!


kaleb said...

ima have to look at batman begins also, i dont really see why ppl are SO excited. i mean, it looks like a really good movie, but im not so siced like everyone else is. good blog btw

Knowledge of The Union said...

just saw it yesterday. So damn good. Go see it ASAP if you haven't already