Person Of The Moment: Knoelle

Hello world, meet Knoelle, my roommate in-law. I met her..uuhhh like last summer actually. I met her at Pre-College '07 (the best pre-college that there will ever be), and she was in my group. Everyone knew Knoelle because she was Domiqua's roommate and right-hand woman. If knew one, you'd have to know the other. That's how things ran out even through first and second semester. That's when this girl got on my VERY last nerve! But I couldn't hide the fact, that was still my homegirl. She held me down when I was dealing with this psycho. She also held it down in Slick Talk #4 when Paris was talking that nonsense about me and this and that girl. You'd have to pay attention to see how. But all is all, Knoelle is my homegirl plus my roommates wifey. You mess with her, you play with you life. Nuff said. Love Ya Kno.

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