Not ya'll, but you

I'm going to refrain from using names...because I want to. But I wont make haste, let's get right into it. I am not going to say you've got me, but you've got me. We already know how long it has been so I won't go into detail.

But here is where I will, we have introduced ourselves to GOD, we have also introduced ourselves to GOD as US. Do you understand how much of an impact that has? Honestly, that type of talk with HIM prepares people for a lot of work that one wouldn't like to do. But I'm so ready, I am too ready. I am probably going against some type of "the pride of the man" code by writing this. But you really need to witness how real things work out. You have to know how to deal with real things, work with real things, and be happy with real things. I know you can and are able too. Like I said, I'm ready, but are you? I mean I can only question because of..... But I don't doubt you at all. You have got to have THEE most beautiful family. You don't know how much they have motivated me in not just us, but LIFE. They produced one of the most intelligent, willing, and beautiful female that I know. Do you honestly hear the things I say to you? Do you listen? It's 20 feet deep, and its from here (lightly pounds fist on the chest). Let's rock.


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