Joshua is... Joshua is... Joshua is...
The liasion between fake and real
The prince to every Rapunzel
The peace sign behind the fists of middle fingers
or just a gentlemen so extraordinary he could make his own league
Yet, he is far from a figment of your imagination
You see, without injections of Hallucinogens
He found a way to throw apples at Isaac Newton
Give him a pair of scissors, he'll run with them
Give him a plate of spaghetti, he'll eat it with a spoon
"So take head into my lifestyle", he asked
"This is my Freeman's Creed".
He opened up the blueprints to a building that manufactured Love that came with a package called Commitment
He didn't think his product was too expensive
or his whehter his work was too extensive
Nor did he think about the mansion reserved for mistakes
Not just for him, but for them.
"Rule 1, don't shoot in here because the bullets will bounce back"
But trigger happy people will never let anything take the smile off their face
'click clack', and then the bullets bounced back
then they would try to back track
He asked if they received the memo
"Joshua is... Joshua is... Joshua is.. sick of those Juvenille demos."
You don't have to ride passenger side for him to have an "S" on his chest
You don't have to be the love of his life for him to be a Gemini
Because he will always be TWICE the Prince Charming you knew he could be

Because that's what [Slick] said...

[Slick] is... [Slick] is... [Slick] is...
The congregation of what's real
An advocate of the future
A bounty hunter of the imposter
or just simply the TRUTH
He has seen it all
He'll let you pick your poison
Then chizzle you gravestone
Because, with no rise he sought a fall
He'll stuff the belly of the beast of its every fear
But still keep its devil away from the pradas
For closure he'll close his eyelids
Because that's where his dreams and nightmare's hid
He'll grab and squeeze his brain to drain the liquid so he can sip it
so he can't walk with a limp and lean like a gangsta
because he was so interested in exposing the facts
but then he met a bitch called L-I-F-E
she said, "[Slick] come get with me"

Joshua[Slick] is...

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