*A Boom Boom Moment*:Gym Class Heroes feat. The Dream-Cookie Jar

Prepared for a dropped jaw and heavy head bobbing, Gym Class Heroes are at it again. You know I am amped because everyone knows that Joshua[slick] is a heavy and avid Gym Class Heroes fan and listener. "For The Kids", "Who is...Bernie Allen" (Travie's side project), "The Papercut Chronicles", and "As Cruel as School Children". I got it ALL, next project is their new album "The Quilt". These guys take hip-hop and alternative rock to the next level! If you have never seen them in concert, you are really screwing yourselves up. Their new song, "Cookie Jar", is produced by and featured with The Dream (who also has a very and unexpectedly hot album). Travis uses his addiction to females and flirting around as the motive for the song. But he twists things up and uses cookies and a cookie jar as a metaphor, "I want to be faithful but I can't keep my hands out the cookie jar". I am here to tell you that this song is going to be a hit, mark my words. They stray away from the live band sound and take to the studio digital board, while still keeping the air guitar in works. Get ready for an eargasm.

Gym Class Heroes feat. The Dream [DOWNLOAD]

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