Another Role Model: Johnny Cupcakes

This guy right here is a great example of creativity. Hailing from Boston, Johnny Cupcakes stands out was one of the most loudest clothing lines out there. For a while I have watched him build his industry from the ground up. He has one Boston Shop and is about to open up a tricked out shop in L.A. This guy right here is the only reason why I want to go to Boston. I check is blog every day to see what's new with his ventures. One thing that tags me into him is that he lets the public into his life to see how he lives. His blog shows that he is a very relaxed, calm, and well rounded dude.
He showcases his friends, family, things he likes to do, his childhood, as well as updates with his clothing line. Trust, his clothes are NICE. His designs are comical and colorful, I can get down with that of course. As of right now, my Johnny Cupcake collection is ZERO. I plan to make a change on that though, I have to be a part of his movement.

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