What's missin'...

I could write entry after entry after entry, and people still would not get it. It's so hard to find real people in this world. Whether it's a friend, some one you like, some one you love, a family member, etc. But this person right here, is the epitome of a real friend. Desi Pumphrey was the realest female that I have ever met in my life. It's a shame that it took someone else to say for me to realize it. I have known Desi since 5th grade and she has never failed to be a good friend to me. She has forever stayed true to me, always quick to speak to me in the hall, call me on my birthday (which a day before hers), always smiles on happy times. She always held me down, when a female treated me wrong, Desi made things right as friend. She went the whole 9 yards plus some for me, and she did that with any friend. I sometimes find myself ready to do my own thing in life with no one because it's tough to find people who could be such a real friend like she was. Come on people, if one person can do everyone can. I LOVE YOU DESI AND I MISS YOU!!!! R.IP.!!!!!!

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