Now You Caught My Heart For The Evening: Usher's New Album

Well, unless it's Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell/N*E*R*D*, or Common, I have decided to download artist's albums before I buy them. But Common is scratching that surface, that's another blog slated for July. Usher does not make the cut with an EZ-Pass, that's why I have been listening to his album for the past hour and some change. Let me first start by saying that Confessions is a classic with hit after hit after hit. I myself would find it hard for Usher to top that. That's why I won't be such a critic on this here album. Raymond is a grown man now, so he is going to give grown man material. This whole album sounds like he dedicated it to his 238,907,903 year old wife. With the exception of Love In This Club & Love In This Club Pt. II and some other songs, this guy is singing his sweet nothings to what sounds like wife, or someone who he seriously is dedicating is time and effort to (his wife). "Before I Met You" is an ode to whoever that special someone is preaching about how much of a better person she (or he you never know man) has made him. "His Mistakes" is talking about how it hurts that his lover is comparing him to a past lover that hurt her. Then he rants on saying how much he loves her and wont ever hurt her. He even gave his newborn child an interlude called "Prayer For You". Ush is speaking about how he is going to be a good father and all that normal jazz. Well this is a grown up and mature Usher, he put down the hat filled with smooth and melodic beats with sensual and sexual lyrics. So if any ladies plan on getting their panties wet with this album, change your plans. But this is still a good album in my opinion. I still think Usher should keep the rep up of being a sex icon and smooth "woo" singer. That's how he came up, so I think he should totally drop it like he kinda did with this album. I throw it a 7/10 (I am still too nice with it).


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