Person Of The Moment: Leticia aka Pablo

I really think GOD is starting to form my life, right in front of me. HE is showing me who will be there, and who wont. This person right here, I know she will definitely be there. WORLD, meet Leticia Martinez, but she is Pablo in my eyes. Don't ask why, she just is, and only my cousin and I can call her that. Pablo is a very genuine female, a needle in the haystack, the blue out the black. Always eager to learn and listen, she will be the perfect flower once she is finished growing. She is one of the very few that gives me encouraging words. Yo, she reads everything I write, she likes everything I write. She encourages and lets me know that what I am doing is worth something valuable. Our friendship kind of fell off, but we are going to piece it back together. This is a form a true friend. THANKS PABLO!

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